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Crossing Over

Once again, pretty heavy stuff.

Very few films manage to pull off a serious topic such as immigration, and translate it into a cinematic work. Immigration has already been a serious issue in the United States, and placing the setting just after the 9-11 terrorist attacks makes the issue twice as serious. Great job for writer and director Wayne Kramer, who obviously did his research.

This film covers all points of entries for immigrants. We have the stereotype Mexicans, the Asians (the Orientals, mind; the Malay race is again unrepresented), the Arabs, and also the non-American Caucasians. Each of them have their own dramas. And each of their dramas is as heartbreaking as they can get.

Harrison Ford, although the biggest name in this movie, does not carry the acting load alone. He has a great supporting cast of...non-Caucasian Americans. Well, not all of them are Americans, anyway. Ford, Ray Liotta, and Ashley Judd (who is still pretty, despite the obvious signs of aging) are Americans who play Americans; Jim Sturgess is a Brit who plays a Brit; Summer Bishil is an American who plays an Arab; Cliff Curtis is a New Zealander who plays an Arab; and Alice Braga is a Brazilian who plays a Mexican. Ah, the magic of movies. It's like Reggie Lee, who is a Filipino who plays a Chinese pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. It's looks that matter in Hollywood, not country of origin.

Anyway, like I said, pretty heavy stuff. Makes you want to rethink any dreams you might have had of moving to greener pastures. After watching this, I suggest you follow it up with a light comedy, or a rom-com. Just to get that heavy feeling out of the way.

*some info from IMDb
pic from silive.com

Crossing Over. USA. 2009.

Rating: Eight out of ten.


tina said...

is ray liotta a gangster again? ^^ hehehe

nope hehe. he plays someone who approves green card applications. the australian girl had to sleep with him for a green card. eew.

tina said...

he seems to be remarkably good at playing sleazy characters. wanna see him play something else... :D or is he too old to have a pick of roles? mou.

@tina: maybe he is sleazy in real life. maybe. don't want to judge. haha.

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