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Yes Man

(This is one of those reviews I need to jot down because they're already rotting inside my head as I've seen this movie two months ago.)

Meh. It's okay. But meh. It's okay. But meh.

I can be quite indecisive.

Three reasons to watch it:

1. Jim Carrey sings and plays the guitar!
2. Danny Masterson! Hyde of That 70's Show is always the douchebag friend!
3. I really have a thing for Jim Carrey when he's not twisting his face in a supposedly funny way but ends up being scary.

Basically, it's Liar Liar meets Bruce Almighty.



Hahaha. I love the pic. Jim Carrey as Harry Potter! =))

Claire said...

Ang kinky kaya. Hahahaha.

^Pa'no naging kinky ang Jim Carrey as Harry Potter?

Claire said...

you actually want me to answer that? hahahaha.

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