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this is what we do:

Sting the Amateur Gynecologist and
Claire the Repressed Catholic School Girl

Taken at the Kick (Con) Ass Rally, 10 June 2009. Lighting effects achieved by using slow shutter speed. Or using a lousy camera that cannot hold still.


Unknown said...

Vulcan Salute to you both!! Live long and prosper groovers.

tina said...

this picture is familiar :))

@The Captain: Thank you! May you live long and prosper with RPattz. Or Federer. Your pick. Hahaha.

@tina: Of course it is. But you didn't comment on that plurk haha.

tina said...

i was gonna say you look old... that was the only thing that crossed my mind when i saw this picture on plurk :)) but i remembered how often i mention your- oh shoot. my bad. :P hehe.

@tina: Yeah, your bad indeed. :-)

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