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G.I. Joe: Resolute

This is aimed more at the eighties kids. Or actually, anyone who grew up using the battle cry, "Yo Joe!"

And surprisingly, you will never hear the words, "Yo Joe!" here. G.I. Joe has crossed over from kiddie land to Adult Swim. Yes, finally, this is the real deal.

Resolute was done in the tradition of The Animatrix and Batman: Gotham Knight: Japanese anime meets American pop. Well, at least the Americans recognize that the Japanese are the greatest animators on the planet. Ever.

Why is this show not for kids? First, kids today don't know what G.I. Joe is, unlike the eighties kids, whose memories of G.I. Joe are split between the TV show and the toys. Second, the violence. Writer Warren Ellis did not hold back on violence. Third, they killed Major Blood, Bazooka, Zartan, and Storm Shadow. If they ever make this into a regular TV series (and I pray that they do), how fun would that be without Storm Shadow? Well, at least they got to explain why Snake Eyes never talks. Fourth, you've got excessive nuking of the world's major cities. Definitely not for kids.

Just a few more bones to pick before I end this. One, I wish they showed more of the Baroness. And since this is an adult cartoon anyway, might as well have had the Baroness show some skin. Two, everything was great except for the use of the fictional town name, "Springfield, USA". Maybe they could've been more creative and come up with a better name. Anything other than plain, generic Springfield. This isn't The Simpsons, by the way. This is G.I. Joe: Resolute. And this is war.

*some info and pic from uncrate.com

G.I. Joe: Resolute. USA. 2009.

Rating: Eight out of ten.


Anonymous said...

I thought the use of Springfield was funny. Since there are about 10 different Springfields in the US. Hahaha.

Resolute has ruined the upcoming live action movie for me. Not that I had high hopes for it in the first place, but the movie's gonna look like shit next to it.

I agree. Dennis Quaid will most probably fail. Hehe.

tina said...

and this wouldn't be a sting lacson review if he wasn't complaining about/complimenting the female characters' looks ^^ hehe.

quick look at wikipedia says that charlie adler does the voices for some of the characters. hmmm, it's gonna be weird watching this series knowing that a dude named cobra commander is being voiced by the same guy who voiced cow, chicken, i.r. babboon and the red guy with no pants. XP then again, i never watched g.i. joe as a kid, so i can't really relate... maybe they'll do a movie about he-man and she-ra too someday :D i'd like to see that.

@tina: charlie adler also does starscream for the transformer cartoons. hehe. and buster bunny for tiny toons. i believe he is already a legend in cartoon voices, like peter cullen and frank welker.

Yes! Just like the rest of this movie, Cobra Commander's voice and character here is a success (No wonder. It's Starsscream!). Like I said, great casting! I also thought "Springfield" was funny -'twas my initial reaction, too.

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Yes, we can post links here. Do you know how to hyperlink using html? Hehe.

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