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The Devil Wears Prada

Viva la Streep.

I shall explain the title's double meaning later. We shall not dwell on the story anymore, as it is quite your usual predictable plot. So let's just talk about the acting. (Unless you want me to comment on the cinematography, which I'm sure nobody wants to hear.)

Anne Hathaway: Okay. Not great. Just okay. Have to remind myself to see Rachel Getting Married and check out her acting.

Stanley Tucci: Great performance. Subtle, yet totally amusing. Stanley Tucci is always a treat to watch.

La Streep: Excellent. No question. The first thing I was expecting when she first appeared in the film was that she would start nagging in a really high-pitched, bitchy voice. But lo and behold, once she opened her mouth, she broke stereotypes. Miranda Priestley is a bitch---but a soft-spoken bitch. Bitchy without even uttering a single word. Bitchy just by the way she looks at you. Oh, and the hair. I love the hair. I love you, Meryl Streep.

So, about the title. First, Miranda Priestley, the boss of Runway magazine, is the devil herself. You know, mean boss equals devil, that kind of thing.

Second meaning: the whole fashion industry is the devil. Once it swallows you, you'll come out better dressed, but with horns coming out of your head. The fashion world is the dark side.

But don't watch this for any philosophical insights between fashion and life. Just watch it for Meryl Streep. I love her so much that if I were a girl, I would be Meryl Streep.

*some info from imdb
pic from www.forum.militaryltd.com

The Devil Wears Prada. USA. 2006.

Rating: Seven over ten.


tina said...

oh yes, this is a meryl streep movie. anne hathaway just basks in her glory. XD

wow. you actually explained the title. ^^ reminds me of my workshop days... man.

anne hathaway's character is like betty from the original betty la fea series. betty was all right until the very last episodes of the series, where she undergoes a sudden transformation and becomes a glamorous beauty. kind of defeated the point of two years' snubbing the dictates of fashion in favor of good old hard work. ~.~ actually, i kinda thought anne hathaway's character would just leave the whole fashion thing and just be her scruffy, overachieving self, but no, it wasn't meant to be. not for this story, at any rate. XP

what i didn't like in the movie was the fact that anne hathaway was ready to leave her boyfriend for her job. and she was so nice at the start of the film.

i still only love meryl streep. :)

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