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Knocked Up

This is one of those films which straddles gray lines on genres. Most would classify this as a comedy. I would say this is a romance flick.

Knocked Up is the best romance movie I've seen in a long time. If you can't relate, you're probably a virgin.

We're all used to the common Hollywood romance formula. It almost always happens in sequence. Boy and girl meet, they fall in love, they have sex, girl gets pregnant. Here, it's quite the reverse. Boy and girl have sex, girl gets pregnant, boy and girl fall in love. If you can't see the romance in that, then give credit to writer-director Judd Apatow for pulling it off.

We see here again the common Judd Apatow posse, like Jonah Hill and Bill Hader of Superbad. There's also the hilarious performance of Paul Rudd (this is actually the first time I've seen Paul Rudd's funny side), and of course, the rioutous Seth Rogen, always in his element. But still, I have fallen in love with the gorgeous Katherine Heigl. If I would get someone knocked up, it has to be someone like Katherine Heigl.

The film might be a bit too long for some (a little over two hours), but the pacing is just perfect. It doesn't drag or slow down for anyone to lose interest. Aside from romance, it also tackles family life, which is actually pregnancy's very long sequel. I would actually want to say a lot more about this film, but I think it would be better if you just watched it for yourself. If you don't like romance flicks, or children, then hopefully after watching this, you'll start liking at least one of them.

*some info from imdb
pic from thevoidmovies.wordpress.com

Knocked Up. USA. 2007.

Rating: Eight and a half over ten.


tina said...

speaking of paul rudd's funny side, are you gonna review his new movie? ^^ gosh, he's been around for over a decade, but people are just beginning to notice him.

is it just me, or does paul rudd sorta resemble vinci from parokya ni edgar? :D hehe.

yes i will review it as soon as i see it. that's the one where the kid called him Ben Affleck because he was white. haha. i've loved paul rudd since Romeo and Juliet.

and no, it's just you. :D

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