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Fast & Furious

Fast cars, and Vin Diesel's furious biceps. That's where they got the title from.

But seriously, I've just come to realize that it is very, very difficult to strike a balance between story and effects. You have to choose one or the other. Fast & Furious had the promise of a great storyline, but to tell a great story would have taken more time. That would mean more time for character development, and less time for car chases. And everyone knows people watched this for the car chases and not for Paul Walker's acting.

So, it's all fast cars and hot babes all the way. Typical male fantasy. Question: why do fast cars and hot women always go together? Answer: because hot women never commute. That was a joke.

Also, I've come to appreciate the special effects work in this film. A successful blend of old school movie magic, new school digital effects, and just plain old great driving. Seamless.

They say that this is the fourth film in the Fast & Furious franchise, but I say it's only the third. Then they say, "The third film is Tokyo Drift." Then I say, "What Tokyo Drift?"

Great cars. Great car chases. Great soundtrack. I only have one problem with this film, though. Why didn't Vin Diesel have sex with that hot-Latina-girl-who-looks-more-like-an-Eastern-European-vampire-than-a-Latina? Oh, Vin Diesel...you put your furious biceps to waste.

*pic from blog.automotiveaddicts.com

Fast & Furious
. USA. 2009.

Rating: Six and a half out of ten.

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Chonx said...

you talk about hot women the whole review... and you end it with vin diesel's biceps? hehe.

hahaha. but of course. if i had vin diesel's biceps, i would have gotten the hot ladies. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Because Walker can only act in a car. ;)


tina said...

yeah, you always manage to end some of your posts with adoration for this or that actor... hmmm. ^^ speaking of biceps, you should take the whole buff bod along with them, 'cause you'd look ridiculous with huge biceps and tiny legs. :D

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