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Banlieu 13

I just love French cinema.

If you didn't like the movie, you can always say, "because it's French." And if you loved the movie, you can say "Oh, it's because it's French." So French cinema swings both ways. Whatever that means.

The action sequences in this film will make you ashamed you're not fit enough to swing through doors and windows, all while displaying your finely-chiselled abs. In fact, this film will probably turn you on to free running, which is what they do here all the time. Free running is actually descended from Parkour, an extreme sport slash free workout, which was founded by David Belle, who also happens to be the lead urban acrobat in this film.

This is another Luc Besson story, co-written by Bibi Naceri (who also played the part of Taha the gangster), and directed by Pierre Morel. And as always, Luc Besson stories are never short on action. And for the ultimate action homage, check out Taha's execution at the end, à la Tony Montana in Scarface. The only way to go is stoned out of your head with a mountain of coke.

Again, as action movies go, this one is a totally different treat from your usual Hollywood shoot-'em-ups. And like I said earlier, "it's French."

*some info from IMDb and Wikipedia
pic from lastico26.skyrock.com

Banlieu 13. France. 2004.

Rating: Six out of ten.


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