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Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

Released in 1998, this is Guy Ritchie's first feature film, and definitely not the last in his style.

This is a shady tale about the London criminal life, where guns and gambling go together like fish and chips. Different gangs screwing each other up is a favorite theme of Guy Ritchie. The film also features Mr. Madonna's trademark camera moves, the multiple overlapping storylines, and his endearing, heavily-accented and foul-mouthed characters.

Aside from being the film that skyrocketed the careers of Jason "The Transporter" Statham and Vinnie "From-the-Stadium-to-the-Screen" Jones, it also features music god Sting in a not-so-well-acted cameo. Watch it if even just for a dose of non-Hollywood English-speaking cinema.

Four stars.


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