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The Simpsons Movie

One hilarious laugh-out-loud movie. Some may find it a waste of perfectly good money (with a running time of approximately 90 minutes), but the die-hard fans wouldn't mind at all.How can one describe the movie? Well, take the T.V. show, and make it three times longer. There you have it. A Simpsons movie. None of the humor from the T.V. series is lost. Great job, writers. (Of course I am assuming that they retained the writing staff from the T.V. series.) They included almost everyone from the series, but we didn't hear from old-time favorites Principal Skinner, Rainier Wolfcastle (MacBain), and Troy McLure (Rest In Peace, Phil Hartman).The film also lacked the cameos that made the series so popular. You would think that it would also have three times as many cameo appearances as a regular episode, but there are only two noteworthy cameos here: Tom Hanks, and Green Day (by cameos I mean of course those celebrities who played themselves).Just watch the movie, and stay in your seat until the credits stop rolling.

Five stars.


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