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All the English majors, say it with me: That's not how the story goes!

If it were any other writer, the script would probably be criticized by English Department chairpersons as a desacration to one of the first epics of English literature. But then again, this is Neil Gaiman folks, and Neil Gaiman can get away with anything.

The retelling is brilliant, the direction (by Robert Zemeckis) is top-notch, but the medium somehow just doesn't cut it. I still prefer live action anyday. But then again, that's just me.

Things to watch out for: Brilliant performances by Sir Hannibal Lecter himself (who apparently accepted the movie without any prior knowledge of the original Beowulf epic, and having only read his own lines in the script); John Malkovich, delivering the brand of sarcasm that only he can deliver; the ubiquitous Brendan Gleeson, who seems to pull off any role given to him; the computer-generated Mrs. Brad Pitt, who looks beautiful without the fine lines; and the great Ray Winstone, who looks more like Sean Bean here.

Rating: Three stars.


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