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The Little Matrix Corner Movie Called The Adjustment Bureau

I can remember when "love" sucked for Neo and Trinity...

Reloaded: Neo returning the favor in high, transcendental fashion.

...and when it didn't ─ and worked!

Being the man that I am, I tear up only when Keanu cries like a kid.

*No, seriously, you can check this intense scene out for yourself. But it demands that you watch the Trilogy, for a fuller context.*

When filmmakers use "love" or "romance" in non-romantic creations, you understand why ─ because it is formulaic. And when they overdo this, you also understand that it sucked.

What the Matrices used as device, they "adjusted" in Bureau to be the driving theme (pun intended). The effect is a letdown, considering I waited for it to somehow turn around; however, it was inevitably leading me to. Jeez. How disappointing can it be for PKD?

Not if he's given his royalties he's not. Joke.

BTS pic.

So, what has eluded us from The Adjustment Bureau these few paragraphs long?

Now that we did ask, I'm suddenly made aware of another symbolism: the hat. **spoiler alert (in color.)

The hat, I would presume for myself, symbolizes the crown chakra. In the movie, the hat is a tech device that acts like a key for the adjustment team to ─ tadah! ─ teleport through ─ tadah! ─ the doors. In all decency though, I think this serves as an ideal hint to a greater endeavor, but at the same time falls short of redeeming the whole film, in spite of it delivering a hearty message in the end: that of "free will". 

My rating? 3.5 / 5 (4 would probably mean a successful film, and 5 being "perfect".)

That said: my rating for Wikipedia's synopsis of Adjustment Team? 4.5 for the Twilight-Zone-like grim!

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