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Elementary. Episode 19: "Snow Angels"


There's a new character on the show, although isn't this a bit late, with five episodes left in the season?

Even the snowplow driver Pam looks like she wants in as a regular cast member.

Anyway, this new character goes by the name Ms. Hudson, and the moment Sherlock mentioned that she was good in ancient Greek, I immediately thought "The Greek Interpreter", which was a story from the canon.

"Where the hell are we going in this snowstorm, Sherlock?"

But this episode is about a storm, a killing, and a burglary – no sign of Greek anywhere. Then it hit me. Ms. Hudson was THE Mrs. Hudson: the landlady. Her being a tranny is just another attempt by CBS to be television's most diversely-casted procedural.

Yes, she is a tranny in real life. Deal with it.

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