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Literary Icons: Isagani A. Cruz

Arvin Antonio @ Wordpress

Some of you might be thinking, "It looks like Sting Lacson has confused the late Isagani A. Cruz, Supreme Court Justice, with Isagani R. Cruz the writer. The deceased Justice isn't a literary icon."

"I'm Isagani R. Cruz, and I'm still alive."

I admit, I used to think both Isagani Cruzes were one and the same person. But to say that the late Justice isn't a writer is a lie. Justice Cruz penned Supreme Court decisions, in English, published by the State, and read by lawyers, law students, and the general public. He was probably more prolific than half of the writers with Palanca Awards. And he will be missed.

Retired Justice Isagani A. Cruz. 11 October 1924 ─ 21 March 2013.

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