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Aliens in the Attic

I was supposed to take my afternoon weekend nap when by elder brother played this. You see, I was in his room to get a share of his a/c to save some bucks on electricity. He played it with his new booming speakers. I didn't have a choice.

Aliens in The Attic
is a movie that is just about that: aliens who took refuge in an attic while they plan on how to take over the world. It just so happens that the house is occupied by humans: a family with a hormonal teenager and her douche bag boyfriend, geek-versus-cool teenage boys (with daddy issues), game-freak twins, and princess innocent. Let's not spoil the plot because it's really something new. Not.

Surprisingly though, I enjoyed watching this movie with a five-year-old very eagerly telling me what's happening on the screen, and laughing out loud on slapstick scenes. I admit, I had small short bursts of laughter or side smiles. It's been a while since I'd seen those kinds of scenes. Refreshing? Not really. Badly needed? For a lack of control of the DVD player, maybe.

The aliens were not cute (well, one was trying to be cute) or funny in my taste. They're four bunch of slapsticks-ers. Of the cast, the only one I know by name is Ashley Tisdale, the hormonal teenager. I see potential in her but she really needs to get out of the genre Disney pushed her in since the High School Musical movies. The male lead (to search for his name in IMDb would be a waste of my time, at least for this movie) got the I-don't-care-rebellious teenager look all too much that he rarely had any other kind of facial expression. Everyone else was so-so.

Something to note though, it is kinda true that "geek is the new cool." But it's not so much well executed for this movie's advantage.

Aliens In the Attic gets three-point-five out of ten, for being an okay family movie "trying" to make math and science look cool. It gets a zero-point-five more for the laugh-out-loud boyfriend-versus-grandmother fight scene.

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