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Episode Recap: Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 6: "Blood of My Blood"

After Hodor’s tragic death last episode, the unlikely duo of Bran Stark and Meera Reed continue their flight from the White Walkers. But you can only go so far lugging around a crippled boy, no matter how powerful his warging abilities are. Good thing we have this mysterious hooded man to the rescue.

Benjen Stark lives! (Spoiler!)
Meanwhile, in Bran’s head… that’s the young Ned Stark demanding to see his sister Lyanna. Will we have more flashbacks of that? Please, HBO? And is that the Mad King Aerys? Wicked!

"This throne is literally a pain in the... ouch!"
Meanwhile, in Horn Hill… Sam and Gilly finally reach the seat of House Tarly, which looks surprisingly huge and wealthy for a lower house of Westeros. And after one of the most awkward family dinner scenes in the series so far, Sam decides to “man up” and leave Horn Hill, taking the Tarly’s family sword “Heartsbane”, made of Valyrian steel. I wonder if it weren’t Valyrian steel, would he still have taken it?

"I know a pawnshop that accepts Valyrian steel."
Meanwhile, in the Great Sept… Tommen and Margaery meet and scheme… but no sex. They’ve managed to thwart the Lannister-Tyrell alliance from going all-out on the sparrows. It’s kind of a pity we don’t get to see any action here. The least they could’ve shown us was some Lannister-Tyrell sex.

What do you mean "no sex"?
Meanwhile, in the Free City of Braavos… the girl who has no name has struck up a friendship with her intended target. What caused the change of heart, I wonder? Was it Lady Crane’s compliment on her expressive eyes and wonderful eyebrows? And I thought a girl has no name? Why’d she answer “Mercy” when Lady Crane asked what her name was? Oh, maybe it was foreshadowing, like “I’m not going to kill you; I’m going to show you mercy.” I guess she’s figured out who ordered the hit, after seeing the other actress lip-syncing to Lady Crane’s lines. And that change of heart will most likely be reported to Jaqen H'ghar, thanks to that snitch who probably has no name as well. I hope Arya sticks Needle into the side of her neck.

A girl has no name... but has wonderful eyebrows.
Meanwhile, at the Twins… Walder Frey berates his boys for losing the Blackfish. When you lose and enemy in Westeros, you’ll always be looking over your shoulder because that enemy might come up on you from behind. So instead of doing that, he’ll either be declaring war on Riverrun or negotiating for a ransom with the capture of Ser Edmure. Walder Frey is old, I’m sure even Rickon Stark can kick his ass. But he’s just so shrewd and cunning that he manages to survive. I hope he dies, the old geezer.

"Please, Lord Walder, get your thumb out of my arse!"
Meanwhile, at the Red Keep... incest!

Damn, you siblings don't know when to stop, don't you?
Meanwhile, in Essos… Daenerys Targaryen decides she wants to conquer Westeros. But to do that, she must bring her khalasar with her. And to do that, she must cross the sea. And to do that, she needs boats. Well, her blood riders need boats. She has a dragon.

"The only thing that can keep me from riding this dragon is HBO's budget department!"


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