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Episode Recap: Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 7: "The Broken Man"

"I look like a giant Liam Neeson."

This episode starts off with the strange combination of Sandor Clegane and green meadows. The Hound has always been associated with drab colours like black armour and the metallic grays of weaponry. To see him in warm earth colours doing an honest day's work amidst a beautiful green landscape is quite... new. Not unwelcome. Just new. And what's Ian McShane doing with a 1-episode cameo?

"I'm not gonna make it to the next episode, am I?"

A rose is deceitful. Sure, it's a beautiful flower. It's bright red and it smells nice. But with its thorns, it can hurt you when you try to pick it from a rose bush. Deceitful little bitch. Just like Queen Margaery Tyrell. But the biggest bitch in King's Landing is Cersei Lannister, and her rather blunt way of asking for another Lannister-Tyrell alliance will just make you shake your head at her gall. The nerve.

"Dear George R.R. Martin, please kill off Cersei before me."

I'm not sure if the Free Folk a.k.a. Wildlings will really join Jon Snow to take back Winterfell. At least they have a giant that has their backs. House Glover denied House Stark its allegiance, but who cares? I have a new favourite character in this series: Lyanna Mormont. You go, girl.

"I'm ten years old and I can whoop your asses."

What will happen to the heirs of the Iron Isles? Will they actually make it to the other continent on Essos and convince Daenerys Targaryen to join them in their fight against their usurping uncle? Will the khalasar finally shed their fear of the ocean by getting on the Ironborn ships? And the most important question of all: will Asha Greyjoy have lesbian sex with Queen Daenerys?

Make it happen, HBO.

Why is Brynden "Blackfish" Tully such a badass, while his nephew Edmure Tully is such a pussy? He's also got badass armour, with scales that actually look like fish scales. Just how badass is that? The only problem is, the other side has two badasses, Sers Bron and Jaime Lannister. This should be an exciting battle of badasses, so the wimpy Freys should pack up and go home.

Fish scales are more badass than lion hide.

I just learned recently that the girl who hates Arya Stark so much is called "Waif". Pardon me for steering clear of any Game of Thrones-related stuff on the Internet. Well, I used to not like her. Now I hate her. She's a killer, a hired assassin, and I don't like her face. I hope Arya stabs her in the eye with Needle.

Spoiler: Arya lives.


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