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Review: 10,000 Hours, or If You Only Saw One MMFF Film, This Should Have Been It

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I'd just like to answer some allegations that the film 10,000 Hours was about me, or loosely based on my life.

Yup. Totally based on my life.

First of all, this film is loosely based on Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson. Not Stanfilo “Sting” Lacson. Big difference there. Second, that’s not even my real name. That’s a pseudonym.

Although I would've really wanted to visit Amsterdam. Just for you-know-what.

Since we got that out of the way early, and since I’m already here anyway, let me just share my two cents.

These are the image results when you type "1000 hours" on Google. Boo.

First, it’s not an obvious biopic. Like if you didn’t know it was about Ping Lacson, you’d think it was an original screenplay. But then again, the filmmakers stress that this film is “loosely based” on Lacson’s life. Technically, you could have a 1% similarity and still qualify it as “loosely based”.

Most bald and evil characters are loosely based on Michael De Mesa.

Second, it's very subtly done. Joyce Bernal's directing is subtle but effective, while Marissa Floreindo's cinematography might seem dry and flat at first, but then who'd need bright lighting while hiding from the authorities? Exactly. There were quite a number of suspenseful sequences that were pulled off decently. Although of course if it's the high-adrenaline, nail-biting suspense of OTJ you're looking for, you won't find it here.

So an action star is unconvincing as a senator? Try Lito Lapid.

Although this film is about crime and corruption in this beloved nation of ours, you won't find violent assassinations or bloody action sequences. It's Senator Alacaraz (Robin Padilla)'s professional and domestic drama that takes center stage, and not his actual flight as a fugitive. And it's not because this film was directed by a woman! That's so sexist.

"Putang ina mo."

10,000 Hours. Philippines. 2013.

Original rating: 8 / 10
Antonio Aquitania's short role: + 0.1
Bella Padilla looking like Bea Alonzo: + 0.1
Michael De Mesa as a bad guy...again: - 0.1
Pen Medina's natural and authentic cursing: + 0.1
Carla Humphries: + 0.05
Shakedown at the Senate: + 0.1
Final rating: 8.35 / 10

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