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Game of Thrones. Episode 10: "Fire and Blood"

And just to make sure that the final death in the last episode was real, here's a reminder:

Kinda looks fake.

Okay, now this insane game called the Game of Thrones has gotten a bit crazier. Now there's a new king.

Robb Stark. The King in the North.

And a new Hand of the King.

"Wait, what?"

That's the look on Tyrion's face when his father Lord Tywin tells him, "You're my son." That's the closest he'll ever get to "I love you."

Now here are some realizations from the season finale of the baddest fantasy TV show of all time. Ever.

1. No Lannister blood has been spilled yet.
And when I say "spilled", I mean "died". No Lannister has died yet. So far, the body count is one Stark crippled, and one Stark dead. And the Lannisters? A captured Kingslayer. That is all.

I want him to be the first to die.

2. Queen Cersei has a thing for incest.
It appears she's been fucking her first cousin Lancel Lannister while her twin Jaime is tied up at the hands of the Starks.

He still looks like a wussy girl to me.

3. I strongly suspect that the witch had a hand in Khal Drogo's death.
I never liked her looks from the very start.

Her attempt at doing a Cersei Lannister bitch face.

4. Grand Maester Pycelle's slow, languid movements are just an act.
Come on. The guy can still have sex, and he has these old-guy exercises. He reminds me of that old magician from The Prestige, Chung Ling Soo. Maybe the realm gives a bigger senior citizen's discount for those who move slow like real senior citizens.

Old-guy exercises.

And here are the reasons why I honestly cannot wait for Season 2.

More Shae
Because Tyrion the Hand will be taking her to King's Landing, I shall be expecting a lot more of Shae the Funny Whore in the next season. Bring it.

Damn you and your accent.

Possible Varys-Littlefinger Bromance
They did admit after all that they were "in mutual admiration and respect" of each other.

"So... because you're the eunuch, that makes you the girl in this relationship, right?"

History Will Be Repeating Itself
Arya Stark and the Gendry the Baratheon bastard will be heading north. Hopefully, it'll be like the Trident all over again.

Eddard Jr. and Robert Jr.

The Night's Watch Rides
Finally, we shall get to see their badassery in action.

Commander Mormont doing his badass face.

and finally...

Seriously. Dragons. Not one. Three.

Your argument is invalid.

And thus ends the first season of the best show ever. So far. But the downside is, now I have nothing to look forward to on Mondays.

*pics from VLC


I don't like comparing from the book, but I think the last chapters of A Game of Thrones is really better read. Don't get me wrong, I have little objection to the TV series version; I could not think of who better to give justice to the material than HBO. But I wouldn't count on this season-ender to be the best of all that I've seen so far. It mainly sets up everything pretty nicely for the next season that it actually got some scenes straight out of A Clash of Kings.

But it's only fitting, I think, that they let Ned Stark's tragic death linger here as we see its aftermath. And my most awaited scene, which I envisioned to be more dramatic because of the book, was all good considering how cute the little dragon atop Dany's shoulder was. (But I wonder what she puts on her hair to be fire-proof. Hehe.)

Teluete said...

A friend called it an hour-long "Next season, on Game of Thrones..." And I agree. Half the scenes here took place in the second book but I am so excited for next season!

I also don't understand how Dany still has all her hair after emerging from the pyre. Hahaha!

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