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The Songbird is an Alien

I would like to apologize in advance if I should offend some die-hard fans of Asia's songbird.

Last Sunday, I caught Regine Velasquez on the tube, in that show where they had Mark Anthony Fernandez answering some personal questions while strapped to a lie detector.

Now first, let me comment on that. I think that Philippine showbiz has gone so low that they consider a celebrity in the hot seat, answering some personal (and mostly private) questions about their personal lives (which they have every right to withhold from the general public), as a pretty high form of entertainment. More and more, our showbiz celebrities are treated like circus animals, if not circus freaks.

Now to get to my main point. On that same show, Regine Velasquez was present as one of the panel of stars that bombarded Mark Anthony with those questions. And my brother was shocked at how much Regine was starting to look like an alien.

I don't know how you're going to construe that remark, but to qualify, Regine is beginning to look more and more like a character from Star Wars. Not one of the human characters, but one of the humanoid ones -- those who are almost human, but not quite.

First of all, she is a modified human. It may be just me, but I do not believe in any form of alteration on one's body if it is for the sake of beautification. I am an admirer of beautiful people who are beautiful au naturelle, making them stand out like diamonds among us unsightly mortals. Anyone who undergoes the plastic surgeon's knife for the sake of vanity receives the rank of "modified human" from me. In this case, Regine modified her nose, her skin color, and her breasts (though I admit I'm not entirely sure about the breasts). Add to this her slowly disappearing chin, or her enlarging neck, and there you have it -- a Star Wars alien.

Anyway, I have nothing against her voice. She has a million-dollar vioce, but I really cannot comprehend what made her want to morph physically into what she is right now. I am strangely reminded of Michael Jackson, and I don't think it's because of the voice.

If you want a list of modified humans who dwell among us in Philippine showbiz, check out retokado.blogspot.com. Take note, that is only a partial list. There are more of them out there, and their numbers are growing.


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