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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtrack

This album will have a maximum effect on those born before 1980.

Well, okay, so those born in 1980 might enjoy this too. The thing is, this album evokes nostalgia. At least it does in my case.

This is the killer soundtrack to the popular game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, released by Rockstar Games on October 27, 2002. It was a huge success, and as of July 2006, at least in America, Vice City became the best-selling PlayStation 2 game of all time. And a big part of its success was the soundtrack.

The complete soundtrack is a 7-disc set, with each disc representing the music for the seven radio stations in the game. There are actually eight stations, but only seven play music (K-Chat is devoted to senseless yet humorous studio conversations). The music covers all the popular genres of the eighties, from rock music (V-Rock), to old school rap (Wildstyle), to Latin (Radio Espantoso), to pop (Fever 105, Flash FM), to slow love songs (Emotion 98.3), and to new wave (Wave 103). Each and every disc is a great collection of songs, and as I said earlier, if you were born before 1980, you would be familiar with most if not all the songs here, and you'd have childhood memories associated with it also.

Aside from great songs, each disc also has a few minutes of DJ talk, as well as some fictional yet hilarious commercials. My personal favorite is of course, DJ Fernando Martinez. If you hear him talk with his smooth Latino accent, you'll know why.

Rating: Five stars.


Just blog surfing and thought I'd say hi! I love the music in GTA:VC and I was born in 1980, so I just proved your point! :-)

Thank you Sarah :-)

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