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10,000 B.C.

Nothing but prehistoric eye-candy.

This movie is aesthetically pleasing, and yet somehow I am not convinced about its accuracy. This is all Mel Gibson's fault, with the effective realism technique he began with The Passion and continued with Apocalypto. Now I expect every historical movie to be delivered in its original language. There is something quite jarring about hearing American English spoken in 10,000 BC.

The costumes were great, especially the dreadlocks of the mammoth hunters (it makes them look really filthy). The casting did a great job of casting virtual unknowns in the movie (Camilla Belle is probably the only familiar name here, as well as the soothing voice of Omar Sharif as the narrator), because if they cast some Hollywood bigshot, then the film would've been more unbelievable. But for now, it's just the sabre-tooth tiger that doesn't look believable at all. Who would've thought that after thousands of years of evolution, they still couldn't come up with a realistic creature.

One more thing: I don't remember having read anything that said they used woolly mammoths to build the Pyramids.

Rating: Three stars.


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