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Review: The Angry Birds Movie 3D, or Three Reasons to Make You Go See This

Those other two birds don't look angry to me.

Anyone who’s had a smart phone for the last five years will be familiar with the cute and adorable Angry Birds. This year, Rovio Animation (the makers of the original Angry Birds game) adapts these feathered freaks to the big screen, to join other 2016 film adaptations from video game source material such as Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed.

But is it worth watching in theatres, spending your hard-earned cash in the process? Maybe. Or maybe not. It all depends on you, actually. But if you’re undecided, here’s three points you might want to consider before making your decision.

3. It’s for kids
If you’re going to watch this, I would suggest you bring along children. One, two kids, or five, it’s all up to you. I saw this in the cinema by myself, with a little less than ten other adults in the theatre with me, and I can count all the LOL moments in one hand. I have a feeling though that I’d have laughed out loud more if I had a kid beside me. Most of the humour of this film is slapstick in nature, with a lot of physical comedy that children really dig. And as most of you probably know, a child’s laughter is very infectious.

2. It stays true to the essence of the games
If you’re even considering watching this flick, chances are you’ve played the smart phone game before. And you probably remember the games as having a very simple “slingshot a bunch of birds onto some pigs” gameplay. True, the film starts off with the birds in their home island, functioning as bird societies normally function, with kiddie birthday parties and court hearings and anger management classes. But the latter half of the film, that’s where the action is. That’s where we find all the slingshots and all the wall-breaking and structure-toppling that the games are famous for.

1. It’s entertaining at the very least
Yes, this film isn’t Academy Award-material for Best Animated Feature, but it’s not a total waste of money. The male voices are quite entertaining, with Jason Sudeikis as the lead character Red, Josh Gad as the speedster Chuck (who will always find an excuse to break into song), Danny McBride as the huge Bomb, the unrecognisable Keegan-Michael Key as Judge Peckinpah (good job, Mr. Key), and THE Peter Dinklage as the Mighty Eagle. Oh, I forgot to mention Sean Penn as the humongous Terence, although he does a Groot here by talking entirely in grunts (like Vin Diesel did in Guardians of the Galaxy).

Even in Pig Land, facial hair means king.

If you’re watching this alone, meaning without any children, I’d recommend watching it in 3D. That’s because all films composed entirely of CGI are actually proper 3D films. They aren’t converted 3D, but proper stereoscopic images. But if you’re bringing kids, you can just go see the regular release because first, it’s cheaper, and second, the children won’t notice anyway.

The Angry Birds Movie. USA. 2016.

Original rating: 6 / 10
Bill Hader as Leonard: + 0.1
Maya Rudolph as Matilda: - 0.1
Matilda's ass-bursting projectiles: + 0.1
Eighties music galore: + 0.1
Final rating: 6.2 / 10


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