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This indie flick ain't best picture for this year's Cinemalaya festival for nothin'. First of all, it included my long-time bud Jerico Antonio (a.k.a. "Nico Antonio"). All my buds are great, you know!

The poor dude was forced to use his childhood name, thanks to this jerk!

Second, it was produced by someone who actually has the means to produce it (Jerico's mom, who also produced last year's Cinemalaya winner, Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank), so it doesn't look like your crappy, rudimentary indie flick.

Third, the story is kinda' cool. It shows hardcore Quiapo and what it really is like if you're there. You couldn't really find a snatcher in a sea of bodies man! And the story, too, is convincingly real. You could just feel it in your bones, that chill that taps your spine when you think that stuff like police corruption is very rife.

And lastly, the actors are top notch. Besides my friend, of course, the others are just as good, or even better! I noticed that bossy bald dude from The Kitchen Musical is also there, Mr. Art Acuña. He sounded British to me, but had no trace of English when he said stuff like "puking-ina". He fuckin' deceived me!

Whew! Good thing they didn't import this Kitchen-Musical actor., too.

Other high-end actors (or actresses) are Ms. Bangs Garcia, whose side-boob always liked to take a sneak-peek.

It kinda' hid itself here.

And that PBB chick that Jerico was smooching is sorta' mainstream, too. Plus a special participation of Mr. (or Ms?—nah!) John "Sweet" Lapus (I dunno what the fuck's up with the nickname).

Do you see anythig sweet about this?

Plus that kid who was on Ang TV before, I reckon? He played the part that I was supposed to play, which was that convict friend of Jess who was smoking cigs. Man, I should've landed that role because I've been in that situation before, for real!

The others, too, looked natural in their acting.

Not like the usual actors sing-songing their dialogues.

Like that fat-assed police from the service desk. It looked like he was just adlibbing stuff when Jess Biag (Jerico) was stating his name when he was arrested for theft. When Jess told him his last name, he suddenly asked "Biag ni Lam-ang?" Now that shit got me crackin'!

Of course, we can't forget Ms. Waka-Waka herself, Ms. Susan Africa. She nails stuff when it comes to motherly and auntie roles, and it was no different here. She plays Jess's mom, by the way.

I may be a biased SOB, but this flick deserves at least a 7.5 outta 10.

Minus 0.5 because of the crappily translated subtitles.

Overall: 7/10.

*Images from: abs-cbn.com, aliwanavenue.files.wordpress.com; christianbautista.org; and 4.bp.blogspot.com

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