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Banlieu 13: Ultimatum

More or less the same deal as its predecessor. Guns, fighting, and parkour were pretty much the same too, here in this flick. But I think that the fighting here looked a wee bit more polished. That's just my two cents, though. The parkour still looked spectacular.


This one had a different plot, though. Instead of the whole district bein' controlled by a single entity (which was Taja in Part 1), this one had several gangs controllin' the district.

Like this, but multi-racial.

Damien and Leito were still rad, though Leito looked a tad bit chubbier. But if it's any consolation to the guy, it's only his face that seems to have a fatter ass than before.

The smallest loser.

Now you know how this ends. Everybody wins (except for the bad guys, of course).

The police are supposed to be the good guys, right?

Everybody's happy. Blah blah blah.

7 out of 10 overall.
Minus 0.5 for not havin' more than enough parkour to entertain me.

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