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Allow me first to introduce to you this movie screenshot

It's from the movie Red Eye (2005).

Apart from the successful thriller that it is, and upon giving it a second watch, I felt obliged to giving it further credit.

It is quite easy to be derailed off a bigger picture when one is captivated by the thrills of an engaging movie. Red Eye follows the close encounter of Lisa and a hostage crisis involving the lives of her own father, and another "father"─the appointed Deputy Secretary to American fatherland's security, that is, Homeland Security™.

Yes, Homeland Security "T.M."─the concerted, "body shield" (and "spear") of the United States of America against threats, and possible threats to its way of life


which was officially put into place after the 9/11 incident.

Of course this is!... And so are many others....

Now, let's go back to this picture

and allow me once more to introduce to you, if you haven't already, the terms/phrase

Immanentize the eschaton (verb) -to try to bring about the eschaton
(the final, heaven-like stage of history) in the immanent world.

Say it, that the antagonist Jackson Rippner (played by classic Cillian Murphy) is hired by the higher government overseer itself, to kill its own Security bodyhead, to justify more laws it creates, to prevent preconceived threats of terrorism...

Can you see the co-relations now???

Of course not. The term "conspiracy theory" itself deters you from further investigation.

Of course, you cannot see that the fishing boat, purposely named Rapture, is used to fire off from, a mini-missile launcher to kill HS head Keefe and his family.

Of course you cannot see that however the attempts may have been─be it Keefe (or even Lisa herself) is successfully killed or not--the greater end result would still be the same(?)

But I'm just saying... right??

Numbers to remember: 4080.
Add it up, and you make 12.
Meaning "it is time!"
Plus, a farther cry, recurring references to the sum 9 (or 6), and combinations 911.


"Here's what you can do. You can fill out a comment card if you have any more inquiries..."


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