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How I Met Your Mother. Season 2

The one with the biggest smile is the hottest.
Alternate titles for this season:

  • How Uncle Marshall Coped with the Break-up
  • How Aunt Lily Returned From San Francisco
  • How I Introduced Aunt Robin to Your Grandparents
  • How I Discovered That an Architect is Not Boring
  • How Aunt Lily Lived With Uncle Barney for a Short While
  • How Aunt Lily Worked at My Office for a Short While
  • How Uncle Barney Became Uncle Swarley
  • How We All Went to Atlantic City
  • How the Slap Bet was Born
  • How I Met Uncle Barney's Gay Brother
  • How I Almost Ruined Christmas 
  • How I Met Aunt Robin's Younger Sister
  • How I Dealt With a Former Boss
  • How We Watched the Super Bowl
  • How I Found a 1939 Penny
  • How Aunt Robin Lost Her Dogs
  • How Uncle Marshall Lost His Fiero
  • How I Moved In With Aunt Robin
  • How We Threw Uncle Marshall a Bachelor Party
  • How Uncle Barney Joined The Price is Right 
  • How Aunt Lily and Uncle Marshall Got Married 
  • How Aunt Robin and I Broke Up 


How I Found Out That Lyndsy Fonseca Plays the Daughter in This Show. Oh baby.

*some info from Wikipedia
pic from DVD Set Shop

How I Met Your Mother (Season Two). USA. 2006-2007.

Rating: Seven and a half out of ten.


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