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The Incredible Hulk

Edward Norton brings out the wonder kid in him in this film, rewriting a huge chunk of the script (although not getting the credit for the screenplay). However, despite Norton's writing skills, The Incredible Hulk still comes off as just another superhero movie. Just like the rest of them.

The Hulk himself appears more human this time, with zero-percent body fat---one lean, green fighting machine---and his proportions are closer to physical reality. One thing that really bothers me though is that some girls actually find the Hulk attractive. One girl in the cinema even exclaimed that the Hulk was "cute". Whatever.

Of course, Norton's performance was good, and Liv Tyler's was so-so. Tim Roth plays the villain just perfect, but it was William Hurt who gave the best performance of all, establishing his character perfectly as a great general slash terrible father. Again, watch this film if you are a Hulk fan, or if you just love superhero eye-candy movies. Ang Lee's 2003 version was way too artsy-fartsy for the average moviegoer, and if action and carnage were what you missed with the first film, then this one should keep you satisfied for now.

Rating: Three and a half stars.


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