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Batman: Gotham Knight

Can't get enough of the Batman.

Warner Bros. already did a similar trick during the Matrix run. Somewhere between The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded, they decided to release an animated project that would sort of "bridge" the two movies together. While it is obviously an attempt at making more money (I frown upon Hollywood's money-making mentality), it nonetheless satisfies the cravings of a Batman junkie.

This is a straight-to-DVD release, with six animated short features, all about the crime fighter with the pointy ears. The stories are dark and sinister, consistent with Christopher Nolan's reboot of the franchise, and their animation style is---what else---Japanese anime. We all know how much the Western world loves anime.

Kevin Conroy, whose voice you might recognize as that from the original Batman animated series, once again lends his vocal prowess as the billionaire in a bat suit, which quite frankly makes me feel at home, like I'm once again in familiar territory. Veteran voice actor Jason Marsden also appears, as several characters, true to his cartoon-voicing roots, and even CSI's Gary Dourdan also provides the voice of Gotham cop Crispus Allen.

Again, this video was released with a target audience clearly in mind: the anime fans, and the Batman fans. You'd be surprised how many there are out there.

Rating: Four stars.


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