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Confronted with a choice between The Other Boleyn Girl and Semi-Pro, I just asked myself, "Do I want to leave the theater happy or disturbed?"

Seems that I made the right choice, for Semi-Pro will have you laughing literally from the opening credits. People might find Will Ferrell's brand of comedy a little off-color, but he is at any rate the funniest man on the planet right now. To be more precise, the funniest man in Hollywood. Americans just like to think that Hollywood means the entire planet.

Anyway, continuing the tradition of Blades of Glory, Ferrell once again relives his sports fantasies, this time in a sport he really plays. Woody Harrelson spices things up as Monix, the NBA-washout who got traded for a washing machine. Andre Benjamin doesn't deliver as much laughs as Will and Woody, but he does a good job nevertheless.

With the music, the wardrobe, and the hairstyles, it's a retro-fest, and the old school basketball jerseys provide the cherry on top. Those short shorts weren't enough to hide Will Ferrell's thighs while shooting the final free throw.

So before seeing this movie, just ask yourself if you want to leave the theater laughing. Because I did.

Rating: Three and a half stars.


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