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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Get ready for an amusement park-ride of a movie with the third film of the Pirates franchise. The plot tends to be confusing, with all the crossings and double-crossings happening left and right, and I personally didn't like the way the story went all-out supernatural, since the reason I fell in love with the first film was its realism, the world of swashbuckling bucaneers aboard the high seas, which was a world in every child’s imagination, and the supernatural element of the undead Barbossa was forgivable. But this third film is a bit too tiring to watch, redeemed only by the spectacular naval battle that happens toward the end. Reason to Watch It: Any true Pirates fan would watch this without question, but skeptics might need a stronger reason. Great performances from Johnny Depp (as always), Geoffrey Rush (back from the dead), Bill Nighy (I am Davy Jones), Chow Yun-Fat (give me a manicure), and Kieth Richards (the Real Deal). Did I mention Orlando Bloom? Of course I didn't.

Three stars.

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